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The fast of ‘Āshooraa’ (tenth of al-Muharram)

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  1. It is sunnah to fast the 9th and the 10th or the 10th and the 11th of al-Muharram. However, it is better to fast the 9th and the 10th
  2. The Messenger used to fast the 10th in jaahiliyyah so did the Quraysh. Jews of Madeenah used to fast it too.
  3. On that day Allāh saved Mūsa and his people and destroyed Pharaoh and his people, so Mūsa fasted that day with gratitude to Allāh.
  4. Fasting on this day expiates the sins committed in the previous year
  5. To lament, strike and beat the body, and take the day as a day of grieving, as the Shia do, is a bid’ah
  6. To dress up, beautify, cook food and rejoice specifically for that day, like the nawasib do, is a bid’ah

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