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Don’t Call Me to Taqleed O Muqallid (Blind Follower)!

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Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee Al-Mad’khalee [may Allaah preserve him] said:


Indeed, rejecting the statements of scholars (i.e. their sound verdicts) – by way of statements whose apparent meaning is sound, but those who utilise them intend falsehood and evil – has become widespread nowadays. “I do not make Taqleed!!” Even though you find him to be ignorant, understands nothing (i.e. regarding some or many affairs) in the religion and is one of those who are greatly in need of making Taqleed of the scholars as well as following them. There is (the necessity for) Taqleed and Ittibaa. There is a person who is ignorant and he needs to make Taqleed. Taqleed is a necessity for this person, therefore it is incumbent upon him to make Taqleed of the scholars. The student of knowledge can understand by way of the proofs that such and such scholar is correct and thus he follows the person with proof. This is a level above Taqleed and below the level of the Mujtahid.


Some of them might say, “I do not make Taqleed”, even though-in reality- he is a commoner or an evil doer, or a malicious person who desires to speak ill against the scholars and keep the people away from them through these cunning ways. Therefore, let the youth be careful lest they fall into the trap of these fools – those who speak ill of the scholars in such a heedless manner.


“I do not make Taqleed of such and such”, we say to him “Who commands you to make Taqleed if you are a student of knowledge?! However, if that scholar about whom you say, “I do not make Taqleed of him” has truth with him, then is it permissible to reject the truth through this illusion which you call Taqleed and intend falsehood by way of it?! I warn the youth against despicable behaviour. It has become rife amongst the common people and prevents them from good manners, (sound adherence to) religion and character.


[An Excerpt from Marhaban Yaa Taalibal Ilm’ pages 61-62. Slightly paraphrased]


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